No Room at the Inn

welcome to destin.jpeg

Power outage. The last words you want to hear at the beginning of your vacation.
After a six-hour journey to our vacation spot in Florida, our family was ready for a place to relax. Unfortunately, though, our building’s power and air conditioning were completely out and, Florida being Florida, it was much too hot. We were left with no place to stay for the night!
With so many areas affected by the outage, I was concerned whether our suite’s manager could find us somewhere to stay while we waited for the power to kick back in. But, thanks to the great customer service of the management company, we were well taken care of. This lovely lady was very understanding of our situation and helped us find a beautiful oceanfront rental. Though it seemed like a disaster at the time, we look back and laugh at this unexpected adventure.
As a travel consultant, my personalized services do not end when you hit the road. I will be right by your side throughout your trip. If you experience an unforeseen obstacle, I will do my best to turn it into an opportunity to your final goal…making sweet memories!

Pam Smith