Over the River and Through the Woods


Growing up, our family had all of the traditional Thanksgiving Day foods and some not so traditional like my grandmother's famous grits dressing made with -- you guessed it -- grits and homemade biscuits. I have fond memories of being so stuffed after dinner, but still eating my fill of ambrosia for dessert. We traveled by car every Thanksgiving to my aunt and uncle's home, and I distinctly remember all three of us kids in the back seat daring each other to "cross the line".

If you happen to be traveling by car this Thanksgiving, here are five holiday road trip tips for a festive and safe journey by Travel Mamas.

  1. Keep kids content with old school games, with a festive twist. Think "20 Questions" and choose holiday characters or "I Spy" picking out a Christmas tree or holiday lights.

  2. Map out your holiday road trip before leaving home. Your GPS, MapQuest or Waze could be huge time savers.

  3. Give kids a holiday road trip kit.Wrap up gifts such as crayons, coloring books, kids atlas or even a new set of headphones.

  4. Pack plenty of healthy snacks...and a few holiday treats. Who doesn't like a few sweets to remind you the holidays are here?

  5. Stop often for merriment. Potty breaks and playtime go a long way.

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?  What city will you be going to? If you're already thinking about escaping the cold like I am, contact me and I'll customize the perfect vacation just for you.

Pam Smith