4 Great Ways to Use Social Media to Help Plan a Trip


In this age of technology planning a vacation should be simple. Right? All you have to do is:

  • Choose your destination

  • Book flights

  • Book accommodations

  • Book transfers or a rental car

  • Figure out what things you want to see and do

  • Make reservations for special restaurants or at least know where to eat

  • Check your passport

  • Know the Visa requirements

  • Get immunizations if needed

  • Make copies of your important documents

  • Research phone and internet access

  • Learn how to access your money while away

  • Purchase travel insurance .

  • Know what to pack

  • Confirm your flights and check-in online

YIKES! With that long list it's no wonder so many people are stressed and overwhelmed with vacation planning. Here are four ways suggested by AAA to help simplify your planning process with the use of social media.

  1. Follow your friends. Facebook friends posting about their latest trips got you itching to travel? Tap into their experience by asking for their recommendations in the places you want to go-from best taco joints to secluded beach spots.

  2. Read the reviews. Find out what other travelers liked about their recent trips and what they might do differently next time. 

  3. Heed the hashtags. If none of your friends has insight on your destination, try reaching out to a wider audience. Search Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter for hashtags that will link to places you want to go-like #London or #France. You can discover tons of inspiring info: photos of things to see, tips from locals and recent visitors, even info graphics on practicalities such as what to pack.

  4. Look to the experts. Want a seamless, simple, stress free planning experience? Hire a travel consultant like myself. I can help you achieve the vacation you desire because I listen, suggest, adjust to your wants, and understand your needs. Investing in your happiness and satisfaction is what I do, and I want to make sure each and every trip is packed full of positive lifelong memories. Planning travel with a multitude of people is a challenge, I am a perfect choice to be the “middleman” and provide assistance to plan a perfect group vacation. Picking me as your travel consultant can save you money and get you extras and insider access. As your professional adviser I know which hotel rooms have the best view room; that you should renew your passport six months before it expires; that you should bring your own road maps in Europe because rental car companies don't provide them. I know because it's my job!

Contact me today for your 2019/2020 travel needs. It would be my pleasure!

Pam Smith